Climbing Out of Chronic Pain

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“If you are given a situation, you can always make it worse, or make it better, so maybe that’s what the embrace the brace represents,” she says. “It’s what you have to work with, so you might as well make it pretty.”


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Artica STL 2018

Artica Mississippi Epiphany 2018


“OUR ARCH” ; an installation in response to the way the 380 million arch renovations addressed accessibility of the Gateway arch.

OUR ARCH installation oct 12th- 14th, 1400 N. 1st St

This project was my first art installation and a first real attempt to expand beyond two dimensions of space… more glass & mirror explorations coming soon!

– Jasmine


Artica Map




Unus Mundus Art by Jasmine Raskas





Rise Float Community Gathering 2018

Live Painting at Rise: A Float Community Gathering hosted by FLOAT STL 

April 21st & 22nd, 2018 | St. Louis, MO

“Rise is a gathering of float industry enthusiasts and professionals to connect, discover and relax.”

disaply view_
Unus Mundus Art on display at Rise

Read more about Jasmine’s experience  with float therapy 

Featured Floater at Float STL

Jasmine Raskas is a local painter in STL. After her second float, she felt inspired to create a painting. We wondered if she would share her work with us, which she was absolutely willing to do. When Jasmine arrived with her painting, we were delighted to see it and chat about it. We feel grateful to listen to her speak about the ways that floating inspires her to explore metaphysical concepts in painting, and also grateful that floating has helped her physical condition. If you are a person who enjoys exploring abstract concepts and abstract art, or if you struggle with joint misalignment (severe or not), read on!

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CW-X Athlete Sponsorship

If you’re following my climbing journey, you’ve probably noticed by now I always wear the same pants… Although they are stylish, they are much more than a fashion statement! They are designed to support the muscles and joints with an innovative compression system.

“The Patented CW-X EXO-WEB™ technology mimics kinesiology-taping techniques that trainers apply to injured muscles. When this technology is applied to muscles and joints it creates an exoskeletal support system that improves biomechanics during motion.”

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After writing a CW-X review for my blog at, I reached out to the company to tell them my story. It turns out they are interested in supporting my climbing journey and I’m excited to announce I’m officially a CW-X athlete! A giant thank you shoutout to CW-X Conditioning Wear for the amazing assortment of new pants! The new compression will definitely help me take my climbing to the next level as I’m training for the upcoming Adaptive Nationals June 24th.

20170902-cwx announcememt_


Embrace The Brace Featured by Paleo Barefoot Blog

It’s time for us to realize that to move forwards we are going to have to move backwards.


It’s time for us to realize that to move forwards we are going to have to move backwards. We must re-evaluate all practices in our daily lives and begin to analyze both the positive and negative impacts human innovation has had on our species.  I’m certain that man is not meant to wear a shoe, and I couldn’t think of a better alternative than chain metal to provide proper protection. For man invented the shoe in order to protect the foot. Over time, it’s become clear that shoes are causing more problems for everyone’s posture and balance.

This company is a part of the wave of the future. We are bound to see the barefoot movement take off in our lifetime. I would encourage you to give these shoes a try especially if you are suffering from a medical condition, that affects the nerves, muscles, or movement of the foot. I hope that you too will be amazed by the positive effects the barefoot shoe has on your quality of life.

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