Featured Floater at Float STL

Jasmine Raskas is a local painter in STL. After her second float, she felt inspired to create a painting. We wondered if she would share her work with us, which she was absolutely willing to do. When Jasmine arrived with her painting, we were delighted to see it and chat about it. We feel grateful to listen to her speak about the ways that floating inspires her to explore metaphysical concepts in painting, and also grateful that floating has helped her physical condition. If you are a person who enjoys exploring abstract concepts and abstract art, or if you struggle with joint misalignment (severe or not), read on!

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Embrace The Brace Featured by Paleo Barefoot Blog

It’s time for us to realize that to move forwards we are going to have to move backwards.


It’s time for us to realize that to move forwards we are going to have to move backwards. We must re-evaluate all practices in our daily lives and begin to analyze both the positive and negative impacts human innovation has had on our species.  I’m certain that man is not meant to wear a shoe, and I couldn’t think of a better alternative than chain metal to provide proper protection. For man invented the shoe in order to protect the foot. Over time, it’s become clear that shoes are causing more problems for everyone’s posture and balance.

This company is a part of the wave of the future. We are bound to see the barefoot movement take off in our lifetime. I would encourage you to give these shoes a try especially if you are suffering from a medical condition, that affects the nerves, muscles, or movement of the foot. I hope that you too will be amazed by the positive effects the barefoot shoe has on your quality of life.

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Interview & Photoshoot by YoGoGirls

Elevation Inspiration- Adaptive Rock Climber Extraordinaire by YoGoGirls 

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“So far on my search for wellness, rock climbing has by far become my number one treatment option. Most forms of exercise, I tried prior to climbing resulted in further joint problems. Climbing has now replaced more than half of my tedious physical therapy routines. I am thankful that climbing is saving my joints, but I do want to emphasize that there are many variations in the forms of EDS and for people who easily tear ligaments and tendons this would not be a exercise to partake in.”

“Originally, I never set out to be a competitive climber. I signed up to compete in the adaptive event just for fun. However, when I won a spot to compete internationally, I carefully planned out a training regimen. With climbing, planning can power well over strength.”

“The biggest barrier I’ve had to overcome was within myself. I’ve always been highly motivated to accomplish. I  hold myself to high standards for my own actions. When I made up this training schedule, my brain was set to follow through 100%.  Yet, living with an unpredictable chronic illness, my body was not always available on schedule. Dealing with this incongruence taught me how to balance my motivation to strive for perfection with the reality of evaluating life based on what’s happening here and now.”

The photoshoot was done with Unus Mundus apparel!



Featured Artist

In January 2017, Unus Mundus Art was featured by The Free Art Campaign. Here’s a few of excerpts from the article by Andrea Standby.

“This fascinating artist combines visual art, science, and philosophy into all of her work. Jasmine has a profound thirst for knowledge, letting me know she hoards flashcards and never leaves the library without a dozen books. “I view art as a tool to understand the world around us,” she explains. “The sciences and humanities each look at the world through their own lenses, but don’t offer a way to synthesize a broader view of how they relate to one another. This is why I believe art can be thought of as the master of science… and I use art to explore relationships between multiple fields of study.””

“Jasmine definitely has a unique perspective on the world. Her creative energy stemmed from spending much of the last few years fighting Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, a genetic connective tissue disorder.  “In 2013, I started losing feeling in my right hand and it wasn’t until I could no longer hold a paintbrush that I realized how vital painting is to my life. At this time I was forced to take two years off from painting,” Jasmine shared. Personally, as an artist whose eye sight is rapidly deteriorating into blindness, I felt a deep connection with this. ”

Andrea did an amazing job of simplifying the complexity of Unus Mundus. She captured the imaginative dream into a piece that anyone can understand.


As part of the free art campaign, Unus Mundus Art donated several pieces to help spread the free art message!

Enjoy Space
ENJOY SPACE, 24″ x 28″, donated as an auction item to Adaptive Climbing Group
Wipe Your Windshield
WIPE YOUR WINDSHIELD, 16″ x 20″ , donated as an auction item to Wings of Hope

Interview with BJC Today

“I discovered rock climbing by luck,” she says. “Doctors said I needed to strengthen my muscles, but I struggled to find exercise that didn’t cause pain and my joints to dislocate. I tried indoor rock climbing in January 2016. It decreases pain and strengthens my muscles just enough to keep things in place.”

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She discovered the Adaptive Climbing Group, a community for people with disabilities who participate in climbing. The group accepted her as the only climber from Missouri. She qualified for the international event in Paris after placing third at a climbing event in Georgia July 22.

“Rock climbing is saving my quality of life, and I consider it a true treatment option for the way I am personally affected by EDS,” Raskas says.

Article by Kelly Pahl