2nd Place at Adaptive Nationals 2017

20170902-2nd place announcement

I would like to thank everyone for helping make this experience possible!

‘Thank you family and friends for rides to Upper Limits and help with travel costs. Thank you to all my PT, OT, and other wonderfully patient therapists. Thank you to the brand sponsors who support adaptive climbing and Jasmine Climbs:  Adidas TERREX, Evolv , and CW-X Conditioning Wear. Thank you Adaptive Climbing Group for your moral, logistical and financial support with a special shoutout to Kareemah Batts for organizing the programming and keeping track of over a dozen athletes.

Thank you to everyone who came out to volunteer with ACG Kristina, Amy, and especially Molly who I’m sure would have rather been climbing if not for a recent injury. Shoutout to other ACG teamates;  Adam Payne for cheering everyone on amidst coughing attacks, Nicole for making it to Boston despite being hospitalized several times this month, and Ian for climbing despite a rough year of cancer treatment. Also, congratulations to my favorite beta buddy @climber_amy who is now climbing in another category and received first place!

The two most vital components of this climbing season have been floating to keep my joints in alignment and proper nutrition.

Thank you FLOAT STL for always being supportive and accessible and Orgain for feeding me despite extreme dietary restrictions.

Author: Jasmine Raskas


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