CW-X Athlete Sponsorship

If you’re following my climbing journey, you’ve probably noticed by now I always wear the same pants… Although they are stylish, they are much more than a fashion statement! They are designed to support the muscles and joints with an innovative compression system.

“The Patented CW-X EXO-WEB™ technology mimics kinesiology-taping techniques that trainers apply to injured muscles. When this technology is applied to muscles and joints it creates an exoskeletal support system that improves biomechanics during motion.”

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After writing a CW-X review for my blog at, I reached out to the company to tell them my story. It turns out they are interested in supporting my climbing journey and I’m excited to announce I’m officially a CW-X athlete! A giant thank you shoutout to CW-X Conditioning Wear for the amazing assortment of new pants! The new compression will definitely help me take my climbing to the next level as I’m training for the upcoming Adaptive Nationals June 24th.

20170902-cwx announcememt_


Author: Jasmine Raskas


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