Interview & Photoshoot by YoGoGirls

Elevation Inspiration- Adaptive Rock Climber Extraordinaire by YoGoGirls 

A Few Excerpts From The Article/ Interview, follow the link above for the full story

“So far on my search for wellness, rock climbing has by far become my number one treatment option. Most forms of exercise, I tried prior to climbing resulted in further joint problems. Climbing has now replaced more than half of my tedious physical therapy routines. I am thankful that climbing is saving my joints, but I do want to emphasize that there are many variations in the forms of EDS and for people who easily tear ligaments and tendons this would not be a exercise to partake in.”

“Originally, I never set out to be a competitive climber. I signed up to compete in the adaptive event just for fun. However, when I won a spot to compete internationally, I carefully planned out a training regimen. With climbing, planning can power well over strength.”

“The biggest barrier I’ve had to overcome was within myself. I’ve always been highly motivated to accomplish. I  hold myself to high standards for my own actions. When I made up this training schedule, my brain was set to follow through 100%.  Yet, living with an unpredictable chronic illness, my body was not always available on schedule. Dealing with this incongruence taught me how to balance my motivation to strive for perfection with the reality of evaluating life based on what’s happening here and now.”

The photoshoot was done with Unus Mundus apparel!



Author: Jasmine Raskas


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