Featured Artist

In January 2017, Unus Mundus Art was featured by The Free Art Campaign. Here’s a few of excerpts from the article by Andrea Standby.

“This fascinating artist combines visual art, science, and philosophy into all of her work. Jasmine has a profound thirst for knowledge, letting me know she hoards flashcards and never leaves the library without a dozen books. “I view art as a tool to understand the world around us,” she explains. “The sciences and humanities each look at the world through their own lenses, but don’t offer a way to synthesize a broader view of how they relate to one another. This is why I believe art can be thought of as the master of science… and I use art to explore relationships between multiple fields of study.””

“Jasmine definitely has a unique perspective on the world. Her creative energy stemmed from spending much of the last few years fighting Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, a genetic connective tissue disorder.  “In 2013, I started losing feeling in my right hand and it wasn’t until I could no longer hold a paintbrush that I realized how vital painting is to my life. At this time I was forced to take two years off from painting,” Jasmine shared. Personally, as an artist whose eye sight is rapidly deteriorating into blindness, I felt a deep connection with this. ”

Andrea did an amazing job of simplifying the complexity of Unus Mundus. She captured the imaginative dream into a piece that anyone can understand.


As part of the free art campaign, Unus Mundus Art donated several pieces to help spread the free art message!

Enjoy Space
ENJOY SPACE, 24″ x 28″, donated as an auction item to Adaptive Climbing Group
Wipe Your Windshield
WIPE YOUR WINDSHIELD, 16″ x 20″ , donated as an auction item to Wings of Hope

Author: Jasmine Raskas


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