2016 Paraclimbing World Championship

September 2016, I traveled to Paris, France to compete in the 2016 Paraclimbing World Championship. I spent the last week of August in the hospital and almost had to miss the trip, but I made it! With my Ehlers-Danlos, traveling to a foreign country was much harder than the climbing… I have many braces, medications, ergonomic devices and conditions which act up at unpredictable times. In the end, everything was worth the extra effort. I met an amazing community of adaptive climbers from around the world and climbed at my absolute best! I received 7th place in my category. I didn’t make too far up either route, but I know I tried my best. The competition was well above my ability level, but I’m just getting starting as a climber and the fact that I made it into the world comp at all was quite an accomplishment!

Since I didn’t make it into the finals, I had extra time to explore the city of Paris.

As an artist, I couldn’t have any more lucky with the competition location! I got see some of the world’s finest modern art museums and gained an incredible amount of insight and inspiration on this trip. You can check out the photo album Inspiration From Paris to see my favorite images.

I brought mini canvas on the trip and even got a bit of painting done myself… of course the theme had to be climbing! You can see the rest of this series via Unus Mundus Art Experiments-Can You Spot The Climber?.

Author: Jasmine Raskas


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