Jasmine is a self taught artist with a background in science focused on exploring the emergent patterns and properties of growth, form, communication, consciousness, and myth. Outside the studio, she works where creativity and wellness overlap, leading art facilitation at Artists First studio, coaching groups and individuals as an International Coaching Foundation (IFC) certified coach, and teaching people at all levels how to embrace creativity and connect with their inner artist. 

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Imagination Can Save The World: I want to see a future where creativity is a valued part of the human experience. A future where mistakes are encouraged and safe messes are meant to be made. A future that empowers our youth to ask the big questions. A future that sees that there are worlds beyond words.

Unus Mundus: Latin for “one world”,  Carl Jung’s concept of an underlying unified reality from which everything emerges from and returns to one. 

Mission: Connecting hearts across time, space, and culture

Art: A footprint, a door, an idea to share